nancy friedmanNancy Friedman is a leadership development consultant, facilitator and executive coach. She is adept at helping individuals and teams improve their performance, adapt to rapidly changing environment, improve team work and communication. Nancy is able to leverage her experience working in large, complex and rapidly changing organizations and combine it with her supportive, action oriented coaching style to get results. Nancy’s years of experience leading strategic and business planning gives her a real world perspective that she shares with her clients.

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Overview of Coaching Approach for Next Step Coaching

Three phases of coaching process:

  1. The Assessment phase consists of learning about the client and understanding their role within the organization, the culture and dynamics of the organization and the opportunities and challenges that the client is facing. This might involve administering assessment tools that provide insight into areas of strength and areas of development which can be conducted via computer survey or through personal interviews. This phase provides feedback and direction for the client and the creation of a personal development plan.
  2. The Learning/Practicing phase is the longest one; it is a matter of trying out new techniques and practicing them over time, and learning from responses and reactions. I encourage the client to use their real-world and real-work situations to model these new approaches, then we debrief and discuss how they worked. My approach is very supportive, direct and practical; each time we meet we discuss what the current situation is, what has happened in the work place and how the client has handled their challenges and their areas for development. Importantly, we focus on progress: what has worked well and what have been successes and accomplishments. My experience as a leadership trainer informs my sessions with my clients, as I incorporate those concepts into the client’s development plan, and help them integrate these ideas into their work.
  3. The Evaluation and Monitoring stage takes place towards the end of the engagement. This is an evaluation of the client’s progress, which may consist of re administering assessment tools to gain a quantitative measure of improvement. The evaluation may also consist of interviewing colleagues and direct reports to identify changes and progress. The goal is to “ritualize” these new learned behaviors to prevent the client from “slipping back” to methods that didn’t serve them well. My clients often benefit from ongoing, “touch base” sessions once a quarter to keep them on track.



Career Highlights:



Next Step Coaching and Consulting, Principal 2006 - Present [Founder and Principal]

Visa USA: Vice President of Advertising 2001 - 2006

Let’s Talk .com: Vice President of Marketing 1999 - 2001

Levi Strauss and Co: Vice President of Marketing Services 1992 - 1999

Vice President of Marketing and Research, Slates Brand,

Vice President of Marketing, Dockers,

Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream: Brand and Regional Manager 1987 - 1992

Crown Zellerbach: Assistant Brand Manager 1986 - 1987

Blue Shield of California: Labor/Employee Relations Manager 1981 - 1984

Bank of California: Personnel Officer 1979 - 1981




Member of International Coaching Federation

International Coach Academy - Certified Professional Coach

MBA, HAAS School of Business, UC Berkeley

BA Sociology, UC Berkeley