Client Testimonials about Coaching Services

“Working with Nancy has been an invigorating experience. I had never worked with a coach before and did not know what to expect. I can tell you now, a lot happens in one hour! Nancy is direct, true and inspiring in a very specific and realistic manner. With her encouragement and perceptive insight, I pressed hard to be my best self, tried new skills, and made relevant adjustments in my career and personal life. She was my champion as I ventured into the unfamiliar territory of national public speaking, new leadership roles, improved organizations skills and serious time management. Did I mention we also had fun doing this?”

“Nancy Friedman is an outstanding executive coach. She has a warm, personable style that makes it easy to open up to her, but she also has very deep and successful executive experience that enables her to see what needs improvement. She is able to quickly understand one's strengths, weakness, and challenges, regardless of industry, and to put together very concrete ideas and suggestions for improving effectiveness. I used her services early in my tenure during a crisis point in my organization, and her coaching was decisive helping me successfully navigate both the politics and management issues.”

“I enthusiastically recommend Nancy Friedman as a coach and wise professional who provides support and direction in a sensitive and caring manner. Nancy has an in-depth understanding of the many challenges and opportunities of being a manager and/or leader. She is able to help you get to the core of issues, and provides sound advice on how to break through the barriers to your success”

“Nancy has a unique combination of skills and experience in that she has held senior level executive positions in several large corporations and intimately understands the challenges and opportunities. She is also personable, thoughtful and a delightful person to work with. I highly recommend her services to anyone that is looking personally or professionally to effect positive change, identify tangible goals and achieve meaningful results.”

“I truly value Nancy's perspectives and her process for helping me discover my own strengths. Drawing from her extensive management experience and keen sense of intuition, she is able to guide me through challenging situations and relationships. As a result of our sessions, I am more confident and skillful at my workplace and beyond.”

“Nancy has been a trusted advisor that I would highly recommend to any professional at any point in their career to build on their strengths, address their weaknesses and to be strategic and to take advantage of opportunities ahead. Nancy has great energy and it’s hard to feel anything but optimistic after we meet.”

“Nancy has incredible flexibility that can only come with true expertise. I always know she’s looking out for me even when I’m the one with the “homework” to do. It’s been a great experience and invaluable time spent.”

“Nancy’s coaching has been incredibly helpful to me in a number of areas, including communication and interaction with peers and superiors, organizational and time management skills, and distinguishing what I can change from what I can’t. She is very insightful and has many practical and easily implementable suggestions for how to address specific concerns. Her coaching has made me more effective and has helped me enjoy my work more.”

“Nancy Friedman has been instrumental in assisting me to cultivate my leadership potential. She provided great feedback to whatever challenge I was struggling with; anything from managing conflict amongst my staff to identifying ways to expand my delegation of projects. I am so pleased with the time I spent working with Nancy, and would recommend her services to anyone wishing to improve their leadership skills or increase their productivity and effectiveness.”

Client testimonials on Training and Development Sessions:

“Thanks for an engaging, interactive and informative training. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive"

"I thought this session had tremendous value and we could have benefited from more time. A whole day or a day and half with Nancy would be time well spent."

“I thoroughly enjoyed the session and came away with confirmation of what I knew of myself, but more importantly, what I can do to be a more effective member of my team.”

"I really enjoy Nancy's style and practical applications"

“I really enjoyed this seminar. It was very informative, interesting and entertaining. I really liked the format of the presentation.”

"Nancy is an intelligent, confident, knowledgeable, dynamic speaker"

"What can I say about Nancy…amazing!"

"Great session, lots to take away that I can use"

"Nancy has a phenomenal way of connecting with us"

"Nancy is really good!! She is really engaging, great mix of presentation and interaction. She is clearly passionate and very knowledgeable about the topic - - did a wonderful job"

"Very interactive. Was able to get everyone to speak up and get something from the class"

"Excellent course. Very organized. Class was engaging and challenging. The participatory aspect was good and I got more out of the class because of it"

"Best speaker of the series!"

Client testimonials on Facilitation Services:

"I thought the session was great. Everyone was engaged. You did a great job. Thanks for your help in facilitating the retreat"

“Nancy facilitated our annual planning meetings. Nancy's business and team building skills helped us prioritize key initiatives and build alignment.”

“It was a very valuable and energizing day which I think will continue to bear fruit over the months ahead. Everyone was very pleased.

“I appreciated your expert facilitation skills today -- we had an ambitious agenda and really got everything done we had hoped for. I felt great about the quality and synergy of the discussion today"

“Nancy, thank you for a wonderful day -- we presented you with a terrifically packed agenda and you did a masterful job with your content and with keeping us on track. You have such a nice connection with our group”