Executive Coaching

*Personalized *Insightful *Effective * Action Oriented

“Nancy has incredible flexibility that can only come with true expertise. I always know she’s looking out for me even when I’m the one with the “homework” to do. It’s been a great experience!"

Executive Director

Government Agency

“Working with Nancy has been an invigorating experience. I had never worked with a coach before and did not know what to expect. I can tell you now, a lot happens in one hour! Nancy is direct, true and inspiring.

Senior Health Care Leader


“I truly value Nancy's perspectives and her process for helping me discover my own strengths. As a result of our sessions, I am more confident and skillful at my workplace and beyond.”

VP of Sales

and Client Services

Ever grateful for our time together. I hear your voice sometimes with great advice given and my actions reflect a better me because of you. Thanks for a wonderful and great session!”

Operations Director

Non Profit

Why Coaching Makes a Difference:

Working with an Executive Coach is an excellent way to strengthen and develop leadership skills. Your coach is a thought partner and guide who can help you develop your leadership capabilities and increase your performance and satisfaction. Individuals who receive coaching feel supported in their ability to achieve their goals, handle challenges, and enhance the performance of their team.

Coaching is Ideal for Individuals Seeking to:

  • Assume broader or increased responsibility
  • Improve their executive presence and political savvy
  • Create and communicate their vision
  • Develop effective communication and negotiation skills
  • Expand their ability to lead teams and motivate others
  • Enhance their ability to lead change
  • Bridge performance and behavioral gaps

Phases: Assessment, Practicing New Approaches, Evaluation.

• The Assessment phase consists of learning about the client and understanding their role within the organization, the culture and dynamics of the organization, and the opportunities and challenges that the client is facing. This typically includes administering assessment tools and conducting a 360 to provide insight into areas of strength and areas of development. This phase provides feedback and direction for the client and the creation of a personal development plan

 • The Learning/Practicing Phase allows the client to try out and practice new techniques using real-world situations. This phase is guided by the personal development plan and involves continuous discussion and de-briefing. Nancy provides a supportive, direct and practical approach as she and the client review current and recent workplace situations and how the client handled their challenges during this practice period. Focus on the client’s progress and accomplishments during this phase leads to improved competence and confidence. The goal of this practicing period is for clients to “hardwire” the newly learned behaviors and to avoid slipping back to methods that didn’t serve them well. 

• Evaluation and Monitoring takes place towards the end of the engagement. As part of her evaluation, Nancy interviews leaders and key partners to identify progress and any remaining needs. At this time, the client can determine whether or not to extend the coaching engagement further.

How Coaching is Delivered:

The coaching sessions are delivered through a combination of in person meetings and phone sessions, depending on the location of the client. Session frequency is determined by the client’s needs and type of contract. Most engagements last for six months and provide continuous, in-depth support. As an added value, Nancy provides recap notes after every session for clients to use as an accountability tool.

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